Tomato & Berry Salad (aka a "Fruit Salad")

Tomato & Berry Salad (aka a "Fruit Salad")

May 8 2024
the perfect tomato salad that you didnt know you needed.
Zucchini Risotto

Zucchini Risotto

March 14 2024

Zucchini Risotto 

aka a bite of pure sunshine that we need AND deserve. the key to a super creamy texture is to keep it loose, and stir often (particularly at the end). top it with butter & cheese and be sure to spin the pan then dive in

Fennel Tarte Tatin

Fennel Tarte Tatin

March 6 2024
There's something about a tarte tatin that I find so luxurious and also so mysterious. it really ...
kale pesto gnocchi


February 27 2024
panko-crusted squash, a work of art and slice of magic. it's tender on the inside and crispy crunchy on the inside. proof that life is good.


February 19 2024
a true flavour match made in heaven that is timeless and the pairing you never knew you needed until you try it
vegan ceviche with coconut and blood orange leche

Vegan Coconut Ceviche

May 14 2021
vegan ceviche using coconut, fresh citrus juice, a bit of jalapeno for that tiny little kick and a little bit of something crunchy to real throw jazz hands on it and hit 'em with that razzle dazzle.
grilled carrots make this fantastic, flavourful vegan side dishes that eats like a whole damn dinner!

Grilled Carrots (?!!!)

April 18 2021
who the f*ck said you can't grill a carrot?! we're here to show you folks that there's nothing you cant put your mind to. This dish a bit more complicated but whole-heartedly worth it when you put it all together and let the flavours shine. Take a chance, give your carrots some love and sink your teeth into a delicious adventure!
whole roasted vegan cauliflower for a simple home cooked recipe that is fun, zesty and full of flavour

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

April 18 2021
honestly, cauliflower is just a true icon. It's a bit like Michael Keaton - half decent way back when but with a can-do attitude, and willingness to take on whatever role comes it's way, it's become a national damn treasure. I feel like whole-roasted cauliflower is a trend that just never left my heart (I guess it's not a trend?!? Stop policing me with semantics!). Curl up with the full-bodied beauty and celebrate all the ways this thing makes you feel so damn good. Cauliflower has come so far - from being pushed into plants, pockets and into the dog's mouth to head of the table in our hearts. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND.
Carrot Hummus

Carrot Hummus

March 15 2021
if it were socially acceptable I would lather this on me and use my own body as a bread bowl...honestly, I might still do that and just deal with the nosey neighbours and cops being called on me. that is testament to HOW GOOD THIS DIP IS. so if you see my outside getting arrested (1) know I would go to jail for this dip and (2) I need bail money, please send to my offshore cayman island account.
easy vegan dip recipe homecooking

white bean + cauliflower dip

March 15 2021

simple vegan dip that is sure to make your mouth go "wow". packed with protein, and not at all shy with flavours, this dip goes with EVERYTHING. you honestly might just want to take it everywhere with you too.


vegan homecooking pineapple upside down cake

Vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake

January 29 2021
A simple, stunning vegan pineapple upside down cake for the ages! This thing is giving pineapple cakes the glow-up it deserves. Sticky, salty, sweet as hell and delicious, this cake is like beyonce. Everything you need but do not deserve. Thankfully for you, queen B is gracious and will let you eat cake!
vegan recipe roasted vegetables salad gremolata

Vegan Endive Gratin

January 25 2021
I love this dish because it's truly a whole that is better than the sum of its parts. it's a litt...
vegan gluten-free baked eggplant parm GF

Gluten-Free Vegan Eggplant Parm

January 15 2021
this is a literal volcano of vegan eggplant deliciousness. it's melty, it's acidic, it's a touch sweet and it's absolutely heartbreaking when the plate is empty. Eating this dish feels like sitting in a hottub of your favourite flavours, without the guilt of eating something totally crushed with cheese (and often times, bread). This shit is good - like "call someone you know and tell them about it" good.
herbaceous, garlicky roasted rutabaga and vegan herb sauce

Roasted Rutabaga

January 6 2021
WTF is a rutabaga you might ask? and why does it look like my grandmas bad knee. well, unlike your grandmas messed up skin condition, rutabagas are delicious, hearty + a serious powerhouse of nutrients. they keep your engine running in a multitude of ways and dont even ask for praise in return. shame on you for not loving rutabaga as much as it loves you...and call your grandma back for once!
hearty, savoury and delicious mushroom and braised white beans. tons of protein, tons of flavour!

Miso Mushroom & Braised White Beans

January 4 2021
this is a sleeper dish that is so packed full of flavour it'll bring a tear to any nonna's eye in a 3000KM radius the second it touches your lips. It's umami, garlicky, creamy and bright all at the same. It's the most vivacious combination of all your favourite flavours coming at you at the same time. If this dish was a trend it would be a flashmob of flavour ready to bust a move on your taste buds.
simple vegan roasted brussel sprouts oh she glows

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

December 28 2020
As a child who would rather be body-slammed through the table than have to eat brussel sprouts, I can confirm that these things SLAP. The kitchen is a stage and this is a toddlers & tiaras pageant - time to throw a bit of razzle-dazzle on this seemingly boring vegetable and finish with the jazz hands. With some roasted red pepper, cranberries + hazelnuts this dish goes from the source of table tears to MVP of dinner.
cheesy cauliflower baked pasta

Cauliflower-Power Baked Mac & Cheese

December 28 2020
This baked pasta is like a sweatsuit, warm, comfy and likely to make you fall asleep in about 7 minutes once you've been wrapped in it. This is great for those gloomy days where the sun goes down at 2:17PM and you're so zoom exhausted you're wearing raybans while asleep in the meeting like a modern-day "Weekend at Bernies". Give cauliflower the praise it deserves and treat yourself while you're at it.
hot and delicious vegan mushroom noodle soup

Mushroom Noodle Soup

November 18 2020
if chicken noodle soup is for the soul, then this dish is for the truest of those awaiting sainthood. This is the soup that unlocked a full hidden collective memory of getting snow under every piece of winter clothing, trying to jump a creek on a GT racer, falling into said creek and needing to be placed in front of a running oven to warm your bones. This soup does all of that in just a few simple steps (though I would still love to be able to jump a creek on any toboggan)
Maple Squash Soup

Maple Squash Soup

October 27 2020

judging by the dreary weather, my unwillingness to get out of bed before 10AM and every starbucks smelling like a gingerbread house - seems like fall truly is in the air! with fall comes cold weather and with cold weather comes soup! This soup really does make you feel like you can survive the harsh tundra of canadian winters while nestled tight in those raggedy scooby-doo pyjamas you swore you'd get rid of (but just can't quite bring yourself to do because you love them so).


this soup basically is as loving as those pyjamas and we love them both!

(Gluten-Free?!) Apple-Pear Crumble

(Gluten-Free?!) Apple-Pear Crumble

October 26 2020
I'm a straight up freak for fall crumbles, not only because they are fantastically easy - but because the sugar-y, butter-y, oat-filled crumble is PURE HEAVEN. Throw some peaches in instead, maybe some plums, wherever you want to take this thing - it's there. I threw some peanuts in there because honestly, why the eff not at this point. It's a global pandemic and I'm looking to shake things up on day 354 of quarantine (sue me!).
Lobster (Mushroom) Roll

Lobster (Mushroom) Roll

October 19 2020
1/4LB Lobster Mushrooms, cleaned + cut 1/2 cup of mayo (vegan or otherwise) 1/2 tablespoon of tar...
vegan fall risotto squash recipe

Squash Risotto (or any risotto really)

October 14 2020

People often call risotto the "hot tub of food" - that's actually just me who does that but I feel it's a trend that really needs to catch up and catch on. Basically risotto is a warm bowl I wouldn't be mad living in; served piping hot, it is more than capable of curing my SAD and making me feel an affinity to squash I haven't had since I learned the great pumpkin from Charlie Brown is fake. 

Anyways, let's save the small talk for my therapist - mix it up with some fun root vegetables, mushrooms or whatever else you want to include in this risotto! Eat it in your bathing suit or that weird christmas sweater you grandma got you last year (you KNOW the one)

cashew nacho cheese sauce on top of this vegan nacho platter with pickled jalapeños and tomato

Nachos (...finally!)

September 8 2020

It's cheesy without the cheese, and like a warm hug from that friend who moved to Italy for two months but came back to visit to talk about how "different things are in Europe". These nachos are like a rom-com with a 34% rotten tomatoes score - cheesy as heck, not too heavy and it might make you cry. It's the kind of meal you want to lock yourself in the bathroom with and eat entirely alone while everyone else hammers on the door demanding you relinquish those nachos. (I'll spare you the poorly executed dad joke...this time)

vegan BLT sandwich of a lifetime! smoky tempeh, roasted tomatoes and dill vegan mayo make

TBLT (Tempeh Bacon Lettuce + Tomato)

August 29 2020

finally, a tempeh sandwich that doesn't taste like how being told "namaste" feels when leaving your yoga session. After all, those precious soybeans spend all that time under pressure, going through some pretty significant changes and fermentation just to be the butt-end joke about how boring and stale hippies are.

Just because Jerry's gone, doesn't mean the Dead is dead man. And just because tempeh never got the love it deserves, doesn't mean it shouldn't get the royal treatment. Well here you go folks, a sandwich you can finally hang your tie-dyed, all-hemp hat on.

grilled asparagus vegan cashew cream & pomelo make this summer grilled dish pop

Grilled Asparagus with charred leek cream

August 13 2020
let's keep it green, I don't mean like kinda green, or like limp-sad-canned beans-green - I mean bright and popping green. That's kind of what you've been missing when grilling greens. Asparagus, the catalyst for some serious parent-to-child negotiations at the dinner table, is no exception. Let's make greens great again with this vegan recipe that includes a charred leak cashew cream sure to win over even the pickiest folks out there (Richard, I'm looking at you).
grilled peach, sourdough bread and pickled carrots make this panzanella power up

Peach Panzanella

July 31 2020
there are few greater luxuries than a ripe peach on a warm day in the sun. It's one of those experiences where you feel truly rich - like you're eating a million dollars while you make it rain with every bite. Char up a plate of these beauties, add a little bit of vinegar, some almond ricotta and some toasted bread, and you're basically the warren buffet of summer-time snacks!
vegan tomato gazpacho soup served cold with strawberries, cucumbers + vegan sunflower ricotta

Tomato Gazpacho

July 20 2020
gazpacho is a lot like revenge, it's best served cold and from the finest, most delicious vegetables you can get your hands on. Sip and savour a taste from the garden and power-up your plating skills with a simple dish, that really celebrates delicious vegetables. It's like Garden Sunchips, but in a bowl. Catch the flavour wave and let the veggies you love do the talking for you.
refreshing, spicy, and tropical citrus avocado salad vegan

Citrus + Avocado Salad

July 8 2020
Fun fact that many of you may not know: this beautiful citrus-avocado salad inspired Natasha Bedingfield to write "Pocketful of Sunshine" after a single bite touched her lips. From there, the rest is music history.  This is the type of salad that asks you how your day was, runs a warm bath for you, pours you a glass of wine and places a CBD vape pen right next to it. It's nourishing, it's beautiful and it's sure to turn heads the second you plate it up.
roasted carrots, hazelnuts, dill and mango vegan fine dining

Carrots + Mango

June 20 2020
I feel like a record-player is supposed to stop and skip when I mention this combination. I get it, it seems funky - like “my kooky aunt Doris who follows around the Grateful Dead in a tie-dye bus that runs on used canola oil and smells a little skunky every visit” kind of funky (let's be real, she's also our fave aunt). But hear me out, fresh fruit and charred vegetables are sure to get your chakras buzzing and cause a sensory overload (like that time your fave aunt went to Woodstock, took some wicked acid and made out with someone she swears was Jim Morrison, but was definitely just a guy named Steve who is really good at hacky-sack).
vegan mushroom tacos

Crispy Mushroom Mead Tacos

June 20 2020

These tacos are a sure-fire instant hit. People might even knock on your door and ask to sit at the table if they find out your cooking these things up. A smoky, rich salsa with a mango pico de gallo you might mistake for a bowl of sunshine. The crispy mushrooms provide a meaty crunch sure to satisfy any carnivore you're eating with. 


walnut herb salsa verde

Walnut Herb Salsa Verde

June 19 2020
An herbaceous little number that combines the earthiness of walnuts with something a little brighter to balance things out. This is a sauce I literally put on everything, and you might want to leave some on the table for every meal going forward.
a salad that eats like a meal. with eggs, roasted vegetables and avocado this is a healthy salad that is full of flavour!

Breakfast Salad

June 19 2020
The reason you probably hate salad is because you also don't care enough about salad when you make. It's a salad cycle of hurt. But, take care of your veggies and they will take care of you! That's really what this recipe is all about - showing that if you take care of making each ingredient delicious, the sum of it's parts will be even better. This doesn't just have to be for breakfast (salad knows no timezones, or where the sun is in the sky); it's just the stuff I love to eat on a breakfast plate, but in a bowl.
vegan white bean dip  herb oil red pepper

White Bean Dip

June 11 2020
We've all heard that beans are a magical fruit, but I'm here to show that the magic is in how you prepare it. Let's get a dip out on the dance floor that actually encourages people to dive right into that crudités platter you spent so much time on. This vegan white bean dip is leading the march on eating your veggies. 
vegan broccoli soup  with coconut milk and peanuts is perfect for the colder months and charging up your tastebuds!

Broccoli Soup

June 11 2020
When I first started cooking, "making soup" was either opening a can, or letting a sad plastic package thaw in a bucket of water to heat up. But soups aren't just a dingy add on to make it seem like your sad salad is an actual meal (look up my "breakfast salad"  to get some better inspiration), they're a great way to get all that nourishment in a simple dish. Let's take broccoli to the pedestal it deserves with this soup.
vegan summer potato salad, full of colours and a vegan aioli

Potato Salad

June 11 2020

Throw that tub of sad potato salad to the side because there's a new spud in town, and it's at your door ready to take you out for a night out. I wanted to make a potato salad that tasted like how summer feels: vivacious, bright + fresh. Like the feeling of finally being able to wear shorts outside, you'll be ready to show off this beauty bowl that tastes like how a hug from your best pal feels.


squash toast is the new avocado toast with pumpkin seeds, pickled onion & herbs

Squash Toast

June 10 2020

We’re smashing pumpkins; but we’re also smashing the trend of avocado toast (don’t get me wrong, I love avocados; but, let’s be honest, it’s been done). Let’s instead opt in for a more local, more sustainable toast that doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s vegan, it’s delicious and it’s here to show you that there’s no wrong answers when it comes to adding some flair to your toast game. 

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