it's a bit like the perfect pairing you didn't know you needed until you try it - it's timeless, hopelessly simplistic but seems to hit all the right notes. honestly, this is one of those dishes that is both greater than the sum of it's parts but relies heavily on both parts being of high quality. you can't cut corners when it comes to a two ingredient dish because both have to be great to make it great. I added a solid drizzle of hot honey to hit em with the jazz hands and it just added another layer of delicious flavours. 


1 bunch of the best radishes you can find

1/2 pound of butter, tempered (PLEEEASE don't skimp here, spend extra cash on the best butter you can find. it feels cheeky but it really will make the difference)

1 tablespoon of hot honey (but honestly, get wild here - add tarragon, or anchovies, or whatever really. slive your slife)

maldon salt

1. rinse your radishes and trim them to where you would like them to be (if you can find radishes with long leaves and stems, i'm a sucker for the dramatics). pat dry and set aside

2. place your tempered butter on your place and mash down to create some textures. place your radishes directly on top and drizzle with hot honey. be generous with that maldon and go to town. 

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