Grilled Asparagus with charred leek cream

grilled asparagus vegan cashew cream & pomelo make this summer grilled dish pop

1 bunch of asparagus, trimmed

1 lime

 2 tablespoon of toasted cashews 

1 pomelo (a grapefruit would work in a pinch)

something green and pretty to garnish

1 cup of grilled leek cream (recipe below)

1. Before anything, make the leek cream (recipe below)

2. Trim pomelo into supremes and reserve the core of the citrus to season the asparagus.

3. Sear asparagus on high heat - it should be charred but not soft. We are searing, not roasted. Let's keep our greens green

4. Remove seared asparagus from pan and add an extra pinch of salt, and a squeeze of pomelo juice overtop.

To plate: lay asparagus down flat and spread across the plate, add some generous spoonfuls of grilled leek cream, followed by cashews, pomelo and your garnish greens (we used dill flowers). Always finish with a splash of olive oil and some maldon salt to give it a final *chefs kiss*

grilled leek cream

1 large leek

1 white onion, peeled

1C cashews, un-toasted and soaked overnight

a generous handful of tarragon

1C of water (just in case)

1. Cut leek in half vertical and rinse thoroughly to remove all the dirt; cut onion in half as well and heat pan to medium-heat heat (let's say 7/10) with some oil

2. Sear onions and leeks for longer than you think, until they are blackened and the centre is translucent. Add a big squeeze of lime and salt to finish

3. Add charred onion and leek into a blender, along with tarragon and cashews; blend on high and add water (as needed) until smooth and creamy. Season to your preference. VOILA!

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