The Dirty Raven at Home

It's time for this bird to fly the coup and make the journey to your home!

Let's celebrate all things that grow from the ground, and those closest to you, with a COVID-friendly custom tasting menu experience inspired by the plant kingdom. Put your feet up, hang up that apron for a night and let us do the heavy lifting. We're here to put plant-based meals up on the pedestal they deserve, but we're bringing you up there with them. It's time to treat yourself, in your own space! 

We've also gone digital! Maybe you're looking for a zoom team activity (that's actually fun...), or a treat for your sweet aunt Dorris (who you never really do call enough) who is celebrating her birthday and would love a live cooking class.

Whether it's creating content, personal cooking classes for the whole gang, or catering a super sweet seasonal supper, we've got you covered. 

Contact me via e-mail at hi@thedirtyraven and let's collab to bring your vision to life. 

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