Vegan Coconut Ceviche

vegan ceviche with coconut and blood orange leche

HOT DAYUMMMM this thing taste like summer time. slurping up ceviche while your body soaks up that stunning vitamin D - honestly find me a better feeling? like getting to suck back that leche at the end that has just been marinating in flavours after your belly is full with love and fresh flavours. feel free to switch out the ingredients here, add some melon, switch out the chilies - we're painting by numbers here but your palette is the canvas and i'll be bob ross guiding you on this cosmic quest. let's keep this fresh and light and kiss the sky with this stunning, super simple recipe


1 young coconut, sliced into thin strips

**this part is kind of crucial as the coconut meat itself is much more tender. you might need something like a large knife and a hammer to get into it - but some stores do offer just straight up coconut meat.

1 blood orange, skin removed and cut into supremes 

(reserve the juices in a separate container)

5 slices of jalapeno

1/4 cup of diced semi-firm pear

1/4 cup of diced cucumber

1/2 cup of lime juice

some fresh herbs for garnish

salt + olive oil to season

1. in a mixing bowl combine lime juice, reserved blood orange juice, olive oil & sliced young coconut - add salt to your preference and mix gently. Let sit at room temperature for 5 minutes(-ish).

2. add in diced pear, cucumber + jalapeno and mix gently again. Let sit for another 3 minutes or so. 

3. on a rimmed plate, spread out marinated coconut slices on plate as you like. top with marinated pear and cucumber.

4. add blood orange supremes into empty spaces of coconut slices (build some textures!) followed by jalapeno slices. pour the leche right over the coconut so it pools at the bottom. garnish with herbs and some flaked salt.


fucking hippies

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