vegan summer potato salad, full of colours and a vegan aioli

Potato Salad

June 11 2020

Throw that tub of sad potato salad to the side because there's a new spud in town, and it's at your door ready to take you out for a night out. I wanted to make a potato salad that tasted like how summer feels: vivacious, bright + fresh. Like the feeling of finally being able to wear shorts outside, you'll be ready to show off this beauty bowl that tastes like how a hug from your best pal feels.


squash toast is the new avocado toast with pumpkin seeds, pickled onion & herbs

Squash Toast

June 10 2020

We’re smashing pumpkins; but we’re also smashing the trend of avocado toast (don’t get me wrong, I love avocados; but, let’s be honest, it’s been done). Let’s instead opt in for a more local, more sustainable toast that doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s vegan, it’s delicious and it’s here to show you that there’s no wrong answers when it comes to adding some flair to your toast game. 

delicious, vegan chocolate cake with vegan buttercream and roasted coconut

Chocolate Avocado Cake

June 10 2020
You can eat this entire cake and I wouldn’t tell a soul (lockdown has been a wild ride and we’re not here to judge).  A vegan chocolate cake that combines avocado and coconut to transform a healthful dessert into pure decadence. This sinful cake is sure to make saints of us all. Whether celebrating your best vegan friend’s birthday, or finishing up a tough day at the office, bake up this cake to let it whisper “I love you pal” with every bite.
vegan chilaquilles with roast tomato salsa, avocado, pickled red onion

Chilaquiles Rojos

June 10 2020
A dish that few people know about, but that deserves a big high five for all the flavour it provides. Chilaquiles are like nachos that X-hibit souped and put five flat screen tvs inside with a fish tank, soft-drink dispenser + glow-in-the-dark solar system stickers.  I guess what I’m trying to say this thing is a head-turner dish and stunner for any meal.
simple, vegan and flavourful roasted eggplant dip fresh herbs, pomegranate and lemon

Charred Lemon Eggplant Dip

June 10 2020

Eggplants, not just an emoji to imply things reserved for other websites; you can actually make some pretty delicious dishes out of them as well! If you’ve learned anything from the page, it’s that I love dips. And I also love things with a lot of flavour. So making this recipe felt like a no-brainer (you’ll know what I mean once you eat it). Let’s burn some flavours together and take an eggplant pic you might actually want to share with the people in your life. 

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